Suburbs, Ski Towns, & A Shifting Colorado Real Estate Market

Colorado Real Estate Market
It’s no secret that Colorado is one of the most desirable places to live in the United States. Our stunning seasons, relatively mild climate, and multitude of natural sights and adventures make it a popular destination to visit and call home. The Colorado real estate market continues to boom. Our state and city attract both southern and mid-western dwellers. These buyers are looking for new excitement, some for fresh air, and many a slower pace. These reasons and more have drawn people in mass to Colorado, and Denver specifically, over the last decade. The circumstances of the recent pandemic have only heightened this interest in our beloved city and state.


What buyers are looking for
People, more than ever before, are asking more from their homes. They must be our office, school, gym, and sanctuary all in one. Homes with more space and amenities  are desirable. In addition, homes that are in proximity to socially distanced activities in less dense areas are the most sought after. As Denver Metro realtors for the last twenty years, we are seeing a shift in where and how people want to live. In a recent post, we dove more into the how and now we want to take this opportunity to further discuss the where. The apparent shift is headed in two specific directions according to the Denver Post – the suburbs of Denver and resort communities throughout the state.


Where to live
Resort communities, such as Vail, have seen dramatic increases in average list and sale prices. In addition, they are breaking records for highest sale price in the history of the market. These small towns offer comfort, community, and safety. The lifestyle encouraged is active, healthy & slower. These towns also offer more solitary than the urban density promised by Denver. We would love to tell you more about the luxury real estate opportunities present in these areas. In fact, stay tuned right here on our blog as we spotlight some of these communities in the coming weeks.


Corken + Company is also particularly experienced in the nuanced markets of surrounding Denver suburbs. US News recently released the results of their 2020-21 Best Places to Live, and four of the top five cities to make the list are in Colorado. Boulder sits at number one, Denver at number two, Colorado Springs at number four and Fort Collins at number five. Colorado Springs is one of the suburbs highlighted by the Denver Post. It and surrounding cities like it offer many of the same draws as Denver but with the added component of affordability. Not only are these more suburban, and even rural, areas becoming more desirable but they have not yet matched the high prices found in Denver proper. In Denver’s suburbs you can typically find bigger homes with more land for less money. At least for now.


Please reach out to Corken & Company and let’s discuss how to best take advantage of the Colorado real estate market. We offer Real Estate Solutions Without Limits and that includes any geographic barriers. We buy, sell, and lease in Denver into its surrounding suburbs and cities, up into its mountain communities, and far beyond. 

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