Renovate to Sell: Part 2

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How to Complete a Home Renovation

If you haven’t yet, review our post to find out three of the most effective home renovations to make when selling. Spending the time, energy, and money now can add enormous value to your home’s eventual sale price. The right realtor on your side coupled with strategic pricing and marketing can deftly take advantage of Denver’s competitive market. These home renovations can you help you get more money sooner!


And yet, renovating is no simple undertaking. Corken + Company uniquely offers concierge-style services that simplify the process. We have extensive resources and a team of experienced agents to source reputable home professionals, create and manage your timeline, and help you stay within your budget. Below we share some pro-tips on how exactly to go about renovating in order to assure a return on your investment. After all, pursuing it the wrong way might just defeat the purpose altogether.


Choose Wisely (& Tastefully)
With all renovations, be sure to pick neutral, on-trend colors, finishes and materials. Renovations should not be overdone or in poor taste. You would hate to turn off the buyers you originally set out to attract. At this stage, Corken & Company can always put you in consultation with a design professional. This can alleviate a lot of small but stressful decisions that might need to be made as the projects develop.


Use Quality Materials & Finishes 
By the same token, the materials and finishes used should be of some quality. New doesn’t always mean better. Of course, quality often costs more so these decisions should always be weighed against your budget. A great way to save money may be to paint or refinish existing materials if they are of quality and in good repair.


Use Reputable Professionals
It is also important to choose quality contractors to complete your renovations. You do not want the work to be substandard and result in undue leaks or other issues for your buyers during inspection or shortly into their new homeownership. Corken + Company has a network of home professionals with whom we have worked on hundreds of home sales.


Stay Within Your Budget
Be diligent and intelligent with your budget. Don’t spend more money than you safely stand to make. Again, working with an experienced realtor like Corken + Company can add direct value to your transaction in this case. We can consult on your specific situation to determine the most valuable renovations to make and then price your home strategically based on the improvements you’ve made.


Reach out to Corken + Company, providing real estate solutions without limits, and get your home renovation and preparation work underway! Let’s get you top dollar for your home as soon as possible!
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