The Newcomer’s Guide to Denver

The Newcomer's Guide to Denver

No matter how much time we’ve spent in Denver, we’ve got to admit, we’re still smitten with this evolving city. Denver is a place that inspires transformation. It is also a place that encourages innovation. We have award-winning chefs and a community of artists and musicians that evolves every day. In short, there’s a lot going on.

So, our team here at Corken + Company has a list of some of the greatest places Denver has to offer. From outdoor adventures to incredible food and Instagram-worthy spots.


Outdoor adventures:

If you venture just slightly south to Alamo Placita Park, you’ll be rewarded with a less-crowded space full of vibrant flower beds, a basketball court for friendly pick-up games and a connection point to the Cherry Creek Trail. If you’re looking for a fresher vantage point, head north of I-70 to Inspiration Point Park in Regis for a short, paved loop and a view of the skyline.


For an otherworldly journey that requires minimal effort, look no further than … well, directly up. Colorado is home to several picturesque pitstops for admiring the cosmos—you just have to head outside of the city to dodge the light pollution. Great Sand Dunes National Park and the small town of Silver Cliff are just a few of the state’s designated Dark Sky destinations guaranteed to dazzle.




“Walk-ins only” means you can treat this high-end Italian restaurant’s bar area like a (very stylish) corner pub.

Go more than once, and the crackerjack service team, led by general manager Justin Williams, will treat you like a regular. A deep Italian wine list + Champagne + craft cocktails + amari you’ve never heard of = A+ bar menu

The people-watching from the tables between the fireplace and the train platform is unbeatable.


The scene is hip and modern, with guests buzzing over chef Tyson Cole’s pristine nigiri and inventive Japanese fare. Go for a dynamic meal rooted in classic techniques and Asian ingredients. For example, their nigiri won’t come with wasabi and soy sauce because it’s already been expertly seasoned. Even tender grilled chicken breast (“sasami yaki”) is intriguing with notes of lemongrass and coconut milk. Pastry chef Ariana Quant’s desserts are equally exhilarating; try her jasmine cream number, which plays a thick, floral, whipped panna cotta off an icy cilantro granita, juicy compressed pineapple, and crunchy honey cookie crumbs.


Instagram worthy spots:

RiNo Street Art

RiNo is arguably one of the most vibrants areas of Denver. It is full of history, culture, and the best restaurants and bars. It’s only fitting that the buildings are just as engaging, adorned with colorful murals painted by local artists. While many of the pieces are commissioned by businesses and events like CRUSH WALLS, others are simply the work of graffiti artists putting their stamp on the Mile High City. The alley behind Denver Central Market is a good place to start. If you’re looking to learn more about the city’s street art scene, don’t miss the Denver Graffiti Tour.

Pedestrian Alley at Dairy Block

It’s only been open since 2017, but Dairy Block boasts the perfect backdrop for your Instagram feed. Our favorite Insta-worthy spot is the alley behind Milk Market. This spot not only features superb lighting, but it has variety of statement-making details.


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