Why a Move Could Bring You More Happiness This Year

Why a Move Could Bring You More Happiness This Year

The past two years have brought us one of the most stressful periods in history. The health crisis has caused many of us to spend more time at home. That has led us to re-evaluate both what we need in a house and how much we appreciate having a safe space to call home. If you’ve realized that your current home isn’t meeting all of your needs, you may be wondering if moving is the way to go.

It’s possible a change of scenery could boost your happiness. Assistant Professor at New York University’s Department of Psychology and co-author of a study on how new experiences impact happiness, Catherine Hartley, says:

“Our results suggest that people feel happier when they have more variety in their daily routines—when they go to novel places and have a wider array of experiences.”

Moving could be exactly the lifestyle refresh you’ve been looking for. If it’s something you’re considering, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Approach the decision thoughtfully and explore options:

Buying and selling a home is a major lifestyle change, and it’s not a decision you should make lightly. But, if you’re questioning whether or not a move would bring you more happiness, it’s important to explore if it’s the right choice for you.

To find out more and discuss your options, reach out to a real estate professional here at Corken + Company. We’ll explain the process – including how to list your existing house and search for a new one – in clear and simple terms.

You should also consider your lifestyle and what you’re hoping to get out of moving. Which needs is your current home not meeting? What would bring you more joy and make your life easier within a home? For example, are you now working from home and need a home office? Do you prefer having an outdoor space to de-stress in? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you get started. It can also position your real estate partner to help you find the right home.


Consider a location with weather that will boost your mood:

Features of the actual home aren’t the only thing to consider. You should also consider your options when it comes to location. Is the weather important to you? Does it impact your mood? If it does, you may want to factor it into your next move. The World Population Review shares:

“What states have the best weather? When evaluating each state for temperature, rain, and sun, some states stand out. . . . Climate and weather preferences are personal and subjective. . . . “

Weather can mean different things to different people. Some prefer heat, others the cold, and some want to experience all types of weather. Think about what weather conditions make you happiest and strongly consider that in your home search. If you’re moving to a whole new location, your realtor is a great resource to support you along the way.



Ultimately, moving could provide you with a fresh beginning and the chance to find happiness in your new home. Contact our team at Corken + Company today to talk about your goals and options in the current market.



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