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A large community just 5 miles south of Denver, Englewood, CO has a lot to offer! There are many things to do in Englewood. Activities include shopping, nightlife, live music, historic South Broadway, arts and culture, family activities, outdoor activities and more.

This thriving community has a colored history and has since established itself as an art-centric city.

Englewood was originally established as a mining town in 1903 when gold was discovered in the area. Although the gold is long gone, there is still much to see and do. The population has grown to 30,000 residents. Not only are these residents active, but they are also creating a culture that is being recognized by residents in metro Denver.

Beyond the proximity to Denver and the access the historical live music venues, investing in Englewood real estate also means there is plenty for the entire family to enjoy. Not many cities in Colorado can boast the same walkability as Englewood in regards to park and recreation access. Local parks are just an average of 1.5 miles away from your front door. There are many opportunities to walk outside, take the dogs to play off leash, and allow children to play and meet neighbors.

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Things to Do:

According to TripAdvisor, here’s the top 5 things to do in Englewood:

  1. Pirates Cove Family Fun Aquatic Center
  2. South Broadway Nightlife
  3. Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater
  4. Gothic Theater
  5. Museum of Outdoor Arts

At the heart of town sits the innovative City Center. This is a recent development featuring a walkable town center with shops, restaurants, apartments, an outdoor amphitheater and the city’s Civic Center building. A stroll around the complex reveals an impressive collection of public artwork and community events such as outdoor concerts. The dedication to the arts is firmly rooted in this community. This is an exciting aspect of Englewood as it really diversifies the city and encourages children to get into the arts at a young age.

Recreational & Family Activities in Englewood says, “There’s plenty to do in and near Englewood for families. In the summer, make a splash at Pirates Cove Water Park, featuring three waterslides, a lazy river and perfect-for-kids water playground, or scale the towering walls at Earth Treks Climbing Gym.

The city sits adjacent to Cherry Creek Reservoir, where visitors enjoy swimming, sailing, boating and water skiing. Englewood is also home to a well-designed recreation center, a skateboard park and several athletic fields. Meanwhile, hiking, skiing and camping are just an hour’s drive West.”

Englewood Restaurants and Bars

For a taste of classic Englewood, head towards the intersection of South Broadway and Hampden Avenue. This is the town’s original “downtown.” Englewood offers a mix of old and new when it comes to dining & entertainment.

Whether you’re looking to move or are just interested in the variety of things to do, this is one of the coolest neighborhoods in Denver and you surely won’t be disappointed. Contact Corken + Company today to learn more! 

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