How to Know You Found The “One”

Finding the One

Are you a first time home buyer who wonders how they will know when they have found the perfect house? Corken + Company loves helping clients find their dream home, so here are some great signs you’re on your way to finding “The One”.


Wanting to go inside the house:

If you feel butterflies in your stomach once you see the perfect house then you found your home. Some people feel it in their gut. Having the feeling of wanting to go inside the house instantly is one way you know you’ve found your home.


The House Embraces You the Moment You Enter:

Within three seconds of entering the house, you will know whether it feels warm and comforting. Does it speak to you? Do you feel like the house invites you to explore? Does it feel…Right?


You Don’t Feel uneasy in the Bathroom:

Sometimes buyers feel so uncomfortable near a bathroom that they won’t walk into the room. If you can walk into the bathroom and feel compelled to open the shower door or stroke the vanity marble, this is your house.


You Are Possessive About the House:

If you instantly fall in love with a house it does not matter if there are some flaws. As long as you believe that you can live with it or you can fix it, then it’s fine.


The House Fits Your Basic Needs:

If this house fits your basic needs then you have your home. Some people have specific basic needs when it comes to a house. No matter what your needs are in a home, if a certain house offers it all, then you will want to grab it instantly.


You Can See Yourself  Painting a Wall Your Favorite Color:

If you are thinking of what color may fit in a certain area or the whole area of the house then you are sure that this will be your home.


You Begin to Envision the Furniture Arrangement:

If you walk into the master bedroom and can immediately envision your bed against a particular wall, this might be your house. If you find yourself thinking that the living room window is a perfect spot to put a Christmas tree, you’re ready to move in.


You Want to Stop Looking at Other Homes:

All of the other homes you’ve been looking at no longer appeal to you. The homes on that list you’ve been carrying around seem insignificant. Moreover, the homes you had previously rated a No. 8 have now fallen to a No. 2 rating.


You Can’t Wait to Brag About This House to Your Friends:

It would not be unusual for you to snap a few photos to upload to Instagram before you’ve finished touring the home. You feel excited. The excitement seems to manifest itself. You shoot more photographs. Suddenly your phone is in burst mode, and before you realize it, you have hundreds of photos.


Every Thought in Your Mind Tells You to Buy That House:

You are consumed. You can’t think about anything else apart from owning this house. Dinner? Who needs to eat? You need this house. You wonder if you should be committed or see a doctor. Yup, this is your house. Just do it!


Finding “The One” is exciting for anyone searching for a home. Let us help you find the house of your dreams today!


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