Why choose Corken + Company Real Estate Group?

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Why Choose Corken + Company Real Estate Group?

We know one of the most difficult decisions to make when selling your home or searching for a new one is choosing a realtor. Your choice will likely dictate everything else that happens during your leasing, buying, or selling process. At Corken + Company, we have ensured it will be the easiest decision you make. Here are a few of the many reasons why Corken + Company is the right choice to meet your real estate needs and exceed your expectations…



Your partner at Corken + Company, Lori Corken and her team, have been expertly navigating the Denver real estate market for more than two decades. She is eager,  perceptive, and vigilant. Colleagues respect Lori as a tough negotiator, clients appreciate her as an attentive listener, and the community knows her as a compassionate leader. Experience is difficult to feign or substitute. At Corken + Company, we don’t have to.


Personal Attention

From the moment you step into our lives, you are our absolute top priority. We are passionate about the security, comfort, and joy the right home can provide a deserving family. You and those you care about are the reason we do what we do. Let’s sit down, get to know each other, and have an open conversation about your goals and expectations. You have our undivided attention.


Concierge Services –

This essentially translates to a worry-free leasing, buying, or selling process. Our team will do the market research, the home search, cover the staging, do the negotiating, do the scheduling and do the sourcing. We ask the hard questions and we find the correct answers. We do it all, so you don’t have to.


Team Effort-

At Corken + Company Real Estate Group, we know that no two real estate experiences are the same. This is why we offer a variety of services. This includes: buying, selling, leasing, property management, relocation, and even commercial real estate services.  Part of what makes all of these services possible is our experienced and dedicated team. Our staff includes, but is not limited to, a professional staging team, a professional organizer, a leasing and property management manager, a social media coordinator, and of course other licensed realtors.


No Limits –

We promise every single one of our clients a solution to their real estate needs without limitations. We have combined our extensive experience with our extensive resources to bring you a curated service tailored specifically to you. Maybe you are a growing family in need of more space, a professional who just got relocated, or a retiree looking to downsize. Maybe you’re hoping to invest or just looking to lease the right space in the right location. Whoever you are, Corken + Company Real Estate Group is eager to meet your needs. We regularly lead sales, purchases, leases and investments of both residential and commercial properties. There really are no limits.


Take it from those who have worked with us first hand, our clients! 

“The ladies at Corken + Company are amazing to work with and make you feel like you are their top priority. As a renter first, their leasing manager was always available to help out with any situation. We were able to work on extending my lease as I mentioned I was interested in purchasing a home. She informed me that if I used Lori Corken as my real estate agent I could end my lease when I found a home to buy. The flexibility this allowed me was extremely helpful and took the pressure off the buying process. Lori was amazing at helping me find the right home that fit my needs. I can’t say enough about the whole process and how easy Lori and her team are to work with. I would highly recommend them and the company for your renting and buying needs. “

And with those important reasons in mind, we look forward to meeting you! Contact us today. 

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