Home Insulation Tips for Winter


Colorado’s winter is in full swing. The cold temperatures and heavy snow can make winter a difficult season for many homeowners. Making sure your home is properly maintained and has good insulation to keep in heat can make all of the difference in your energy bills, your overall comfort, and your safety. Check out these top items to secure your home this snowy season. 



Replacing your roof can be a costly, but important repair. An old, or damaged, the roof can cause heat to leak from your home. Consider replacing any damaged pieces, such as tiles or shingles, or replacing the roof altogether. 



Caulking and weather stripping are simple, yet effective, tools that can help to insulate windows and doors, causing less warm air to leak out. According to RisMedia, “ It’s important to note that if there is any damage or wear on either caulking or weather stripping, it should be replaced as soon as possible. You may also want to use spray foam insulation in areas where there are large gaps or cracks in the walls or ceiling.” 



Insulation, especially in your attic, can be important to keep warm air from escaping out of the top of your home. If your heating costs significantly rise, looking to your attic may be the best bet. Speak to a licensed contractor to help you determine what type of insulation may best meet your needs. 



Consider upgrading your windows to better keep in the heat. Single-paned windows can let cold air into your home because of the lack of airtight seals. Double-paned windows may help to provide a stronger barrier against outside elements and colder temps. 


Simple, yet effective, repairs may make all the difference in your home this winter. Spending a little on insulating your home may save you big in the long run. 

Read more at: http://blog.rismedia.com/2022/home-repairs-youll-need-to-make-for-better-insulation-this-winter/


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